Epidemic of coronavirus – special solutions for foreigners

In connection with the current epidemic of coronavirus, the Parliament of Poland passed on the 31st March 2020 the Act stipulating special solutions for foreigners staying in Poland. In accordance with these regulations foreigners who want to continue their purpose of stay or who are not able to leave the territory of Poland due to the epidemic of SARS-CoV-2 virus will be allowed to stay in the country.

All information is available in 4 languages on the website of The Office for Foreigners:


Please, read the new regulations carefully.

In connection with the growing number of applications for extending the visa-less travel and other applications related to the coronavirus epidemic, we inform that:

• extension of stay on the basis of visa-less travel applies only to the citizens of Brazil, Argentina, Chile, Honduras, Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Singapore and Uruguay - the agreements between Poland and only these countries provides such a possibility

• The Lower Silesia Governor does not issue certificates or confirmations and does not place new visa stickers or stamps in passports concerning stay the Republic of Poland due to the coronavirus outbreak


Therefore, if you are a citizen of Any country other than Brazil, Argentina, Chile, Honduras, Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Singapore and Uruguay, please do not submit application for extending visa-less travel. Please do not apply for any other certificates or confirmations concerning the coronavirus outbrake. All such applications will be rejected. All information concerning legal stay in Poland can be found on the website of The Office for Foreigners.