Who should apply?

You can apply for residence permit for EU long-term resident if you have stayed in the Republic of Poland legally and continuously for at least five years before applying.


When should I apply?

The request for residence permit for EU long-term resident should be filed in person, no later than on the last day of your legal stay in the territory of the Republic of Poland. 

If you cannot file it personally, you can send the application by post.

For maintenance of term of legal stay, the date of posting the package at the post office will be considered.

If you file a request on time and it contains no formal gaps, or the information is supplemented within the given deadline, then your stay will remain legal from the day you filed the request until the day when the decision on the matter becomes final.

If you file a request to suspend the proceedings on granting permission for temporary residence, your stay during such time will be considered as legal.

How can I submit my application form?

  1. In person after previously booking a visit at https://rezerwacje.duw.pl/reservations/ or in person after previously filling out the application on-line, printing out and making a reservation of the visit at https://przybysz.duw.pl
    On Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday 9:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m.; Wednesday 8:00 a.m. – 6:00 p.m.

    At the Provincial Office of Lower Silesia in Wrocław
    Section of Civic Matters and Foreigners
    Pl. Powstańców Warszawy 1

    or in one of the three Delegation offices of the Office:

    1. Delegation office in Legnica
      ul. F. Skarbka 3
      59-220 Legnica
    2. Delegation office in Wałbrzych
      ul. Słowackiego 23a
      58-300 Wałbrzych
    3. Delegation office in Jelenia Góra
      ul. Piłsudskiego 12
      58-500 Jelenia Góra

    After coming to the Office approach the ticket machine of the line management system, type in the reservation number, get the ticket and wait for your number to be called out and once it is, approach the indicated post.

  2. By mail to the address:

    Dolnośląski Urząd Wojewódzki we Wrocławiu
    Wydział Spraw Obywatelskich i Cudzoziemców
    pl. Powstańców Warszawy 1
    50-153 Wrocław

Remember to enter your valid place of stay in the application form. Having sent the application form by means of post you will be called for appearance in person in order for your fingerprints to be taken. You must appear in person at the headquarters of the Lower Silesian Provincial Labour Office or in one of its Delegation Offices, approach the ticket machine of the line management system and select the ticket “appearance in person”.

NOTE: If you wish to register your fingerprints without being called by the Office, you can do so not earlier than from the day of application form submission.

REMEMBER: registering of the account on the Information Portal - https://przybysz.duw.pl,  filling out the application on-line in the system, printing it out and submitting in the Office may make proceeding process of your application shorter and will allow you to monitor your case!


What documents do I have to submit?

  1. Filled out application and its 2 copies. Before filling out the application, familiarize yourself with the, instruction in the application. . Application for permission for stay of resident.
  2. Four photos:

    Caution: Foreigner using head covers according to the rules of his religion may add a photo to the application depicting him in the head cover on condition that the face is visible. In such a case a declaration of the foreigner will be needed that he belongs to a certain religious commune. Declaration of belonging to religious commune.

    • Not destroyed, colour, sharp;
    • Size 35 mm x 45mm;
    • Made no earlier than within 6 days before the day of submitting the application;
    • Depicting the face of a foreigner from the top of the head to the upper part of shoulders so that the face is visible within 70-80% of the photo, on the uniform background;
    • Depicting the person looking straight ahead, with eyes open, not covered by hair, with natural expression and mouth closed, and showing natural skin colour;
    • Depicting eyes of the foreigner, especially the pupils and the sight line of the foreigner should be parallel to the upper edge of the photo;
  3. Copy of the valid passport (original for viewing). In especially justified cases when the foreigner does not have a valid passport and has no possibility of obtaining one, he can present other identification document (e.g. Residence card).
  4. Legal title to the occupied residential premises (lease agreement will not be considered as a legal title in which the foreigner resides, unless the Lessor is his descendant, ascendant or spouse, parents of the spouse or siblings of the foreigner).
  5. Confirmation of payment of the stamp duty.

    Caution: Submitting the above mentioned documents is necessary to start the process. In case of submitting the application without any of the above documents, the foreigner will be asked to supplement the formal deficiencies in the application. The process may be started only after the unsubmitted documents are submitted in the determined time and after they are positively verified by the Office.


  6. documents confirming the required 5-year continuous and legal stay in Poland,
  7. confirmation of having a stable and regular income source, sufficient to cover the costs of upkeep of yourself and family members at your upkeep (for a single person - PLN 701 net monthly, for a person in a family - PLN 528 net monthly) e.g.: PIT 37 and PIT 40 of the foreigner for the last 3 years or an appropriate statement from the tax office,
  8. for forms submitted up to 12.02.2018 - a document that confirms your knowledge of the Polish language:
    • an official statement of the language proficiency at least at B1 level or
    • school diploma issued by a school in the Republic of Poland, in the meaning of art. 2 pt. 2 of the Act of 14 December 2016 – Education law (Journal of Laws from 2017, item 59, 949 and 2203) or a university diploma, in the meaning of art 2, sec. 1, pt. 1 of the Act on Higher Education of 27 July 2005 (Journal of Laws from 2017, item 2183 and 2201) with Polish as the language of instruction or
    • school or a university diploma with Polish as the language of instruction abroad, a corresponding school or a university in the meaning of art. 2, pt. 2 of the Act of 14 December 2016 – Education Law or, respectively, art. 2, sec. 1, pt. 1 of the Act on Higher Education of 27 July 2005.
  9. documents that confirm you have health insurance, in the meaning of the Act of 27 August 2004 about public healthcare, or a confirmation of treatment coverage issued by an insurance company in the Republic of Poland (e.g. an appropriate statement from the Social Insurance Institution, insurance policy),
  10. Information about the number of persons remaining at your upkeep. Statement of the number of persons sustained by you.
  11. Statement of fulfilling tax duties to the State Treasury.


What are the fees?

The fee for a uniform permit for residence permit: 640,00 PLN

The fee should be paid to:
Gmina Wrocław
pl. Nowy Targ 1-8, 50-141 Wrocław
82 1020 5226 0000 6102 0417 7895 

Remember to include the payment confirmation in the form.

The fee for issuing or replacing a residency card is: 50,00 PLN

The fee should be paid to:
Dolnośląski Urząd Wojewódzki
50-153 Wrocław, pl. Powstańców Warszawy 1
41 1010 1674 0005 9222 3100 0000

If you have a representative, then the fee for the representation is PLN 17.00

The fee for representation should be paid to:

Gmina Wrocław
pl. Nowy Targ 1-8, 50-141 Wrocław
82 1020 5226 0000 6102 0417 7895